Visionary Leadership

State of the art data center

Club management system design HR self-service tools

Beta club test environment

PCI Compliance

Business continuity

Innovation team

Web property management

Application advisory boards

Process improvement

Management dashboard

Experience outside the club

Retail ERP implementation

Jamba Card System

Performance dashboard

Online store

Enterprise wide POS upgrade

Business continuity

Infrastructure visionary

Director Customer Service

Product Manager - Jamba Card

Software training

Web portal

Equality for company and franchise

Installed manufacturing ERP

Dry Material Handling

Mfg. Maintenance System

Web technology

Business process architecture

Long term vision

Created all new business process

Web property design

Managed Nestle transition

Software advisory board

Application training

ERP system selection

ERP Implementation

Wholesale ERP implementation

Mail Order ERP implementation

Store buildout model

Retail and operation budget

Long range strategic planning

Managed operation growth

Change management initiatives

Service support desk

Customer fulfillment process design

Next generation POS evaluation

Left Brain

Right Brain

SharePoint 2010 & Dynamics AX

Project & property management

Customer self service technology

Project accounting integration

Project build reduced by 10 months

Cross functional process teams

User authored case studies

Convergent technology architecture

Conceptual system models

Centralized project planning tools