In my opinion Henry Hirschel should be on anybody’s shortlist for CIO/CTO...(while at PowerBar) I continued to make the 2 hour/each way commute to get back and forth to work everyday because of Henry. Director, New York Times Regional Newspaper Group

Henry has done an amazing job as a speaker and a Technology Leader for the Fitness Industry... CIO, International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association

Henry’s a highly strategic, creative, supportive and conscious leader exhibiting the highest level of integrity as a manager...(his) style is engaging, collaborative and professional...Project Manager, Jamba Juice

Henry has been one of the best senior managers we have worked with. He had a great ability to keep us accountable with his industry knowledge and integrity...President, Domain7

It is not often that someone is universally liked and appreciated for their spirit and for their skills. It is even more rare to meet someone who can achieve great things requiring great change, and still retain the goodwill and appreciation of everyone on the team...CFO. Club One

Henry is truly a total professional who exudes class and niceness...not to mention that he is at the very top the mountain when it comes to expertise in his field. Club Manager, Club One

You have been a true inspiration and mentor to me both professionally and personally. Marketing Manager, Club One